What is Whaling?

Whailing is when people hunt whales and kill them for their fat, or food or for money.
Whaling isnt really used for oil any more but for food.
the two most common species hunted are common minke whales and baleen whales
to stop whales from going exinct the international whaling commision IWC was set up and they put regulations in place to say that only a certain amount of whales can be hunted for industrty.
In Canada Inuit groups hunt for whales and eat the meat. Greenland, Norway, Japan and Iceland all hunt whales the most. Greenland catch 175 whales a year.

Why is whaling bad?
Some people think that if we hunt whales too much will cause the extinction of the species as we do not know how many whales there are.
Also some people think that it is unsustaniable so shouldn't be done.

Japan and Whaling

In 1982 japan didn't agree with the IWC and lodged a complaint because they where banned from commercial whaling.
Instead they do" scincefitic research" and Greenpeace think this is an excuse to hunt whales commercially.

most people who i gave a questionaire to said they know what is whaling which is good that people known what it is but 3 out of 11 people said they was not sure what it is.




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